Rights & Responsibilities Handbook/Videos for Students & Parents

Please click on the links below to watch videos of Principal Jeff Thomson reading important sections of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Or, click here for a complete pdf version of the complete student document...

Student Handbook Introduction
Code of Conduct
Disciplinary Procedures
Dress Code
Gang and Gang Related Activity
In-School Tobacco Use
Mobile Learning Devices
Search and Seizure
Student Alcohol and/or Other Drug Use
Student Harassment
Unacceptable Conduct
Weapons at School

Special thanks goes to Alyssa Matthews and Noah Parsons for their hard work and diligence on this project, and for the help of the entire FLW Grade 7 GCT Crew for doing the work necessary to produce these videos: Madalyn Bertz, Aria Leguizamon,  Alyssa Noseworthy, Jacob Purcell, Atreyu Schilling, Elijah Stevens, Laurel Thompson, and Ashley Golownia.