Helpful Articles For Parents

Apple pulls app used by teenagers to hide photos. 

What parents need to know about Juuling.

Help you child get better sleep at night, end the "I can't sleep" cycle of exhaustion.

Four resolutions for each year of high school to help students plan ahead.

Middle Years-Working Together for School Success.

Parents: help your child study better, not more this year year.

8 ways to encourage family engagement in secondary schools.

Tips to help manage #stress.

Here's How Dads Can Engage in Their Child's Education In the New School Year.

Parent involvement in education is one of the biggest predictors of student success.

As Teens Push Away, What Can Parents Do To Support Them?

What parents should look for when selecting their child's high school.

A parent's complete guide to helping their children study.

Strategies for helping teens stay organized and manage their time.

Transition Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators.

4 things every parent can do to ensure their children get the best education.

15 questions to replace "How was school today?"

Parents can play an important role in helping students get scholarships. 

Teens have lots of reasons for being more anxious, stressed, and distracted than adults.

Policies of zero-tolerance for bullying don't work, report says / Fresno Bee

Why 9th Grade is the Pivotal Year for Dropping Out of High School.  

Why Teens are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone & should protect their brains.

28 ways to ask your teen 'How was school today?' without asking 'How was school today?'

Looking for good information & tips on dealing with your tween or teen's screen addiction?

Check out this article regarding a "calculator" app used to hide phone pics.

Great information for parents & teachers of teens from Common Sense Media.

What's going on with Teens and Technology?  Tips & Advice.

What to do when kids make social media mistakes.

Boundaries of the Heart-Effective Parenting.

Parents' dangerous driving is putting kids at risk during school drop-off.

A parent's guide to helping their children study.  11 ways to study better(not longer)

Terms to help you with your teen's online activity-or at least until they change.

updated:  8/14/2017