Payton Dorger Inspires Math Students to Fear the Deer!

Posted on 05/10/2019
This is the image for the news article titled This month while working on a deeper learning project, eighth grade math teacher, Jon Wittkopf, challenged his students to apply their knowledge of algebra in a new and creative way.  

“,” explains Wittkopf, “is a digital graphing calculator program that allows students to create images. To use it, students have to apply their knowledge of quadratic equations and linear functions.”

“Payton really ran with this assignment,” said co-teacher, Michael Skurek. “He used over 300 algebraic functions to create the Milwaukee Bucks logo. His work was really impressive.”

Apparently, thought so too. Each month, the site receives thousands of graphics created by students and only a few are posted online. “Payton’s work was selected this month and it is front and center on the website. That’s quite an accomplishment,” said Skurek.

“Now, students all around the world are being inspired by his hard work!” added Wittkopf.

To see Payton Dorger’s submission in action, go to