6th Grade Deeper Learning Projects

6th Grade Deeper Learning Projects
Posted on 02/14/2019
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The whole school at FLW is currently working on a Deeper Learning Project and the sixth grade in particular is focusing their project on "How can you better the lives on children locally and globally?" Students then had the choice to research any underlying topic that they were passionate about and hoped to change. A few of our 6th graders chose to research the affects of "Gun and Gang Violence" in our society and especially among youth. With the recent loss of another Milwaukee Police Officer due to gun violence, our students decided to invite the whole school to write cards and letters of condolences, warm wishes, and thanks for their protection and service to our community. The letters came in an abundance and we were able to package up envelopes full of cards for MPD District 3, MPD District 4, MPD District 6, MPD Sheriff's Office, MPD TEU/K9 unit, Glendale PD, and West Allis PD. 

Officers were truly touched by our students support and kind words and couldn't thank us enough for such a small act of kindness that helped carry them through a rough time. 

letters on table

Officer Randlett

Glendale PD

Police Group 1