Next Generation Learning (NxGL) at FLW Enrollment for Fall 2017

Next Generation Learning (NxGL) at FLW Enrollment for Fall 2017
Posted on 05/04/2017
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Dear Frank Lloyd Wright Families,

FLW is excited to offer the second year of our Next Generation Learning Community Implementation. At the intermediate level Next Generation Learning Communities offer a multi-age, flexible environment where the intention is to progressively expand the level of ownership students take over their learning.  Through intentional practices teachers teach valuable skills around leadership, collaboration, project management, self-direction, adaptability, problem solving, creativity, and accountability.  If your student has already developed some of these skills and/or you are interested in furthering that development the NxGL community is a program worth pursuing.    In addition to the above skills there is a significant focus on the development of a high functioning learning community.  Rather than transitioning between the four core instructional areas, Next Generation Learning Communities take a project based approach to learning that allows for a high level of cross-curricular integration.  Students stay within their community for their core subjects, working on rigorous academics but also developing the skills and dispositions necessary to work within a close-knit collaborative team.  Regular time is spent outside of the core academic areas to focus on the health of that community and how students contribute to that environment.

At Frank Lloyd Wright the focus of our NxGL community will revolve around Project Based Learning including stem-based projects, passion projects, and projects inspired by the authors of Launch (John Spencer and AJ Juliani), culminating with opportunities to present in front of an authentic audience. Our focus will include inquiry driven projects and student investigations responding to real-world problems while focusing on student driven questions. Student collaboration is at the forefront of this learning style in order to develop 21st century skills surrounding leadership and communication. Students will also develop critical thinking skills and problem solving skills by working within a team on student-centered topics. Our NxGL community will not only work on collaboration skills but will also focus on fostering student independence. Students will be required to set goals for their learning and to take ownership for their own growth and learning progression.

If you have questions about the Next Generation Learning Community at Frank Lloyd Wright, please contact Principal, Jeff Thomson at (414) 604-3400. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Frank Lloyd Wright NxGL Community Enrollment Form      Please Return No Later Than: 6/2/17

Or use this NxGL opt-in link to enroll your student:

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