Golf Club

golf ball on tee"Swing" into Golf Club with our advisor Mr. Bechard (head golf coach at Nathan Hale).  With his experience on the "green" he will be able to "chip" in a lot of great instruction.  

Advisor:  Mr. Bechard
Time:  3:15-4:15 p.m. (please have your ride available by 4:20 p.m.)

2016 - 2017 Golf Club Schedule

November 14, 21 and 28 (Mondays)
December 7 (Wednesday)
December 12 and 19 (Mondays)
January 4 (Wednesday)
January 9 (Monday)

Each student will:  

*Hit real golf balls into a net.
*Receive instruction on the fundamentals of the golf swing.
*Receive video analysis of their swing.
*Receive tips on how to putt correctly.

**All clubs and balls will be provided.  (Students are welcome to bring their own clubs).  

Golf Club 11 16 16 1     Golf Club 11 16 16 2

updated:  11/17/2016